Biovita Bloom Feeding Rates


Dilute the desired amount with water in the hydroponic reservoir. When diluted the product does not affect the pH of the hydroponic reservoir so pH adjustment is not neccessary. Biovita products are aerobically stabilized which means that continuous aeration of the hydroponic reservoir is also not required.

  • Use with every watering with full lighting and CO2
  • Water once every 2 weeks when using low light or cooler temps
  • Suitable for drip, ebb and flow, and aeroponic root systems
  • Recommended for use with a micro solution for complete plant nutrition.

 Per GallonDilution Ratio
STARTERS1.5 tsp1:400
VEGETATIVE3-6 tsp1:120 to 1:200
BLOOM1.5-3 tsp1:400 to 1:200
(One tsp = 5ml)


Dilute 10 ml per gallon of water and spray on to plants making sure to quickly wet leaves. Best time to apply is in the early morning or late afternoon when leaf stoma are open and temperatures are cooler. Avoid getting excessive spray mist onto your face especially the eyes and nose. For best effect time the application to allow for at least 48 hours of treatment prior to any rain.

Dilute 2 tsp per gallon of water and apply with each watering. For once weekly application use 8-10 tsp per gallon.